The Scholarship Fund

Love given freely is exponentially returned.

In our current paradigm of capitalistic spirituality, self-actualization is tied directly to income and race. Ancient spiritual wisdom that used to be taught by our elders, has been appropriated and commoditized. At House of Enlightenedhood, we know there’s a different way. Reinvesting in our community is an integral part of our mission to reclaim spirituality from systemic oppression. That’s why we created our scholarship fund, to help keep our cooperative accessible to anyone walking on the path to healing and greater understanding.

Receive Support

Finances should never stand in your way of healing and deeper understanding of your soul. If you are called to be a part of our cooperative, but have financial restrictions, we invite you to apply to our scholarship fund to receive 50% off your monthly membership price.

How the Scholarship Works

As we build a new trajectory of how we experience the spiritual path, our scholarship helps bridge the gap and provides financial support to our community. Here’s how it works:

Application Submitted

We provide support on an “as needed” basis, by application only, providing financial support for the monthly cost of our two membership options.

Reviewed + Distributed by Our Council

Our council of Light Leaders oversees the application process. Once accepted, applicants will receive an email from our team with special instructions to complete their cooperative membership.

Where the Funds Come From

  • Membership Dues
  • Donations
  • Event Ticket Sales