Nurture All Parts of Your Soul

Sacred Containers for Spiritual Growth

We’d like to imagine House of Enlightenedhood as the divine umbrella, housing a wide variety of containers that can nourish, support, and expand every facet of your soul. Here, you don’t HAVE to choose or spread your energy across platforms. Our Sacred Spaces exist within our community so you can find the things that make your heart sing all in one place.

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Sisters of Sirius

A potent activation portal, Sisters of Sirius is a safe and sacred women’s container for deep soul rememberings, inner light activations, and energy healing.
  • Free to Join
  • Donations-Based Events
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The Lemuria Archive

Are you one of the ancient ones? Discover everything you need to know about the lost lands of Lemuria and how to activate the rememberings within your soul.
  • Free to Join
  • Resource Library

Womban School

The Womban School is a 9-month container to integrate psychological, spiritual, and divine feminine wisdom through ritual and devotion.
  • Scholarships Available
  • Live Group Container
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Remember Who the F*ck You Are

A six-day summit for the New Earth, recorded March 20-25, 2022. 5 recorded 1-hr+ workshops. 2 Attunements. 2 Meditations. Soundbath ceremony.
  • Donations-Based Admission
  • On-Demand Learning
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Leena of Light

Channeled messages, live streaming events, and spiritual musings from Intuitive Channel, Founder, and Light Activator Leena Lemos.
  • Free to Join
  • Donations-Based Events
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Your Signature Voice

Dedicated to sharing and honoring the power of writing, podcasting, and sharing your unique voice with other like-minded souls.
  • Free to Join
  • Free Events
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Ama Liana of Mother Vine

Claim who you truly are and how you can serve the collective through activating your spiritual gifts and the calling of your soul.
  • Free to join
  • Resource Library
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The Light Cooperative

A private area for Cooperative members to connect, receive organizational updates and learn how to leverage the House of Enlightenedhood Platform.
  • Community Leadership
  • Scholarship Opportunities

Our Sacred Spaces are led by members of our Light Cooperative. Learn how you can build your own sacred space here.