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The House of Enlightenedhood Podcast

Hosted by Founder Leena Lemos, House of Enlightenedhood holds a new frequency that rewilds spirituality and brings it back to what it was meant to be about all along – our innate connection with the Divine. Oh, and love. Lots of love.

Catch new episodes every Friday with beautiful souls from around the world, as we explore the messiness of reclaiming the human-spiritual experience.


Lastest Episodes

House of Enlightenedhood Ep. 92 – “4 Sanskrit Words You’re Misusing”

International bestselling author Nina Purewal dives into 4 Sanskrit words Westernized spirituality is misusing.

House of Enlightenedhood Ep. 91 – “Holding Space for Our Kids’ Spirituality”

“It is important that parents celebrate the curiosity of their children and answer these big questions with as much honesty and openness as possible. Parents might feel an underlying pressure to have all of the answers, but no one truly…

House of Enlightenedhood Ep. 90 – “Honoring Our Suffering”

Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist Billy Lee Myers, Jr. decodes our suffering and how we can seize seasons of pain for clarity and growth.

House of Enlightenedhood Ep. 89 – “You Are Divine”

Tai Chi Instructor Graeme Waterfield explores how we can reclaim our divinity and find more peace, love, happiness, and joy.

House of Enlightenedhood Ep. 88 – “Honoring the Light and Dark Phases”

Astro Therapist Crystal B. reveals how we can navigate the seasons of our lives through astrology.

House of Enlightenedhood Ep. 87 – “Grounding Into the Body”

Shamanic Healer Joshua Michael talks with Leena Lemos about the importance of being present in the body on your self-healing journey.

House of Enlightenedhood Ep. 86 – “Is Social Media Hurting Your Spiritual Growth?”

Founder of Stay Mused Jenelle Glenn explores the negative effects of social media on our wellbeing.

House of Enlightenedhood Ep. 85 – “Owning The Language of Your Spiritual Path”

Author Kristine McGlinchey-Yap discusses using the power of intention to reconnect with your spirit.

House of Enlightenedhood Ep. 84 – “Claiming Your Light”

Spiritual Educator Angela Moore shares how to claim your light despite the trials and tribulations of your awakening.