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The House of Enlightenedhood Podcast

Hosted by Founder Leena Lemos, House of Enlightenedhood holds a new frequency that rewilds spirituality and brings it back to what it was meant to be about all along – our innate connection with the Divine. Oh, and love. Lots of love.

Catch new episodes every other Friday with beautiful souls from around the world, as we explore the messiness of reclaiming the human-spiritual experience.


Lastest Episodes

House of Enlightenedhood Ep. 101 – “The Magic of Surrender”

Leena sits down with inspirational speaker and transformational teacher Kute Blackson to dive into the profound ripple effects of surrender in our lives.

House of Enlightenedhood Ep. 100 – ” Your Voice Matters”

Founder of Your Signature Voice Elizabeth Krause shares why speaking our truth and sharing our story in a way that is aligned is world changing.

House of Enlightenedhood Ep. 99 – “3 Things to Know At The Beginning of Your Spiritual Awakening”

Leena shares three things she wishes she would have known at the beginning of her spiritual journey and shares important reminders for any stage of our path.

House of Enlightenedhood Ep. 98 – “Becoming the Matriarch”

“And I also want to remind you that your gifts are what lights you up. Your gifts are what bring you joy. That just makes you feel like you are whole. In your full self. You are home. You don’t…

House of Enlightenedhood Ep. 97 – “Remembering Lemuria”

Seer and portal Kellie Walsh dives into the ancient land of Lemuria and why it’s remembering is so important to build the New Earth.

House of Enlightenedhood Ep. 96 – “Building the New Earth”

Leena breaks down six key elements to building the New Earth and what it means for the furture.

House of Enlightenedhood Ep. 95 – “Sisters of Sirius”

Leena connects with her sister from an Egyptian past life to share the story of their remembering and the sacred channeled women’s circles they are creating.

House of Enlightenedhood Ep. 94 – “Sacred Community Will Save The World”

Leena Lemos shares why community is so important for our spiritual path, red flags to be conscious of, and how to find your soul family.

House of Enlightenedhood Ep. 92 – “4 Sanskrit Words You’re Misusing”

International bestselling author Nina Purewal dives into 4 Sanskrit words Westernized spirituality is misusing.