Spiritual Forecaster Carol B Discusses Unconditional Love and Wholeness


Carol is a spiritual forecaster and intuitive, but mostly she’s teaching people two major spiritual lessons:

Loving yourself unconditionally.

Seeing yourself in your wholeness.

The spiritual path is the path of homecoming. We are born whole and without blemish, insecurity or disconnection from ourselves. We grow into adulthood and find that life, society and our circumstances have continually torn us away from ourselves. Carol explains, it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead, what if everything we endured was sacred? What if everything was always working out for the best? Even the yucky, heavy stuff. The uncomfortable darkness and shadow work that allows us to bring in light and compassion so we can hold ourselves tightly, lovingly.

We don’t have to wait until a tragedy, illness or breakdown occurs to face ourselves and our fears. To live into the wholeness of what we are Carol explains. We can do that right here, right now. We start by choosing the road of love instead of fear. We change how we speak to ourselves and our bodies. We practice self-forgiveness, self-compassion and internal kindness–until we have healed our wounds from our past. Then, and only then do we turn that love outward into the world and see others in their wholeness and love them too, unconditionally.


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This week I sit down with Carol Bustamante, Intuitive, Spiritual Counselor and Teacher. Carol shares her life’s work and passion for helping people see themselves and others in their wholeness, she shares why all learning is sacred, and reminds the audience that we don’t have to wait until tragedy strikes to shift, change and evolve. We can do it now by grounding ourselves deeply in the moment and taking purposeful action. Carol candidly explains how loving herself unconditionally means that she can in turn love others in the same capacity. To find out more about Carol follow her on Instagram @intuition_0f_light
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