21 Day Meditation Journey with David Sandercott

David Sandercott

David Sandercott is a jovial meditation teacher. Like many of us, he didn’t start out that way. In his early twenties he struggled with alcoholism and depression, even though at the time he was living a successful life as a high fashion model being photographed by the industries top photographers and working other models like Kate Dillon. He manifested all of this through practices he learned after reading “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. He wanted very much to acquire worldly success so he could be happy, but quickly he realized that his happiness and success was fleeting. He started to search for more meaning.

He had a tragic accident that stopped him in his tracks and forced him to begin to take the road back to himself. He eventually reconnected with his spiritual teacher which prompted him to start meditating. His life began to change and he was able to reclaim his spirituality, sobriety and livelihood. After that he created his meditation book called 21 Day Meditation Journey: Connect With Spirit Everyday In A New Way to serve people by helping them begin meditating without fear of complex practices or arduous self-study.

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This week I sit down with David Sandercott. Author, meditation teacher, entrepreneur & former high fashion model. We discuss David's spiritual journey & how he came to find his passion in teaching meditation. David wrote "21 Day Meditation Journey: Connect with Spirit Everyday in a New Way" For more about David head over to www.davidsandercott.com 

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