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This is our declaration to co-create a new paradigm of spirituality.

We, the founders of House of Enlightenedhood, collectively decide there is a new way to exist. A new way to be.

We co-create a container for spirituality that returns to the heartspace. As we walk the path of self-healing and soul expansion together, we reclaim what it means to be wholly human and wholly divine. We reclaim what it means to unite. We reclaim what it means to be.

As Light Workers, we’ve outgrown our current spiritual container, restricted by the oppressive values of the patriarchy. We’ve reached the threshold to ascend within our current systems.

Together, we choose a new path. We will no longer lower our frequencies or show up as fractals of our wholeness. We will no longer perpetuate a spirituality dictated by ego and greed We will no longer put or time, energy, or worth into platforms or structures that steal our joy, power, or presence. We will no longer live in separation from our souls.

We are the space that finally allows us to be free. We are the space we all need to unbecome. We are the space for endless expansion.

It’s no coincidence that we gather in this space at this very moment. It’s up to us to willingly surrender and look deep within to remember why we are called to come home to this house. It’s up to us to activate the dormant seeds of wisdom within one another so that we can together build a sovereign New Earth.

The magic birthed through our intention to gather, grow, educate, serve and thrive doesn’t stop at spirituality but in all the ways it changes how we live.

To how we heal ourselves. To how we gather in community. To the businesses we invest in. To how we connect with and protect the Earth. To how we share wisdom. To how we consume content. To the food we eat. To how we raise our children. To how we govern our people. To how we exchange goods and services. To the ways we rest. To the ways we play. To the ways we create.

House of Enlightenedhood is a space large enough to hold your entire being. It is a space humble enough to acknowledge the full story of humanity. It is a space loving enough to embrace you exactly as you are.

All boats rise together. Our light shines brighter together. We are stronger in loving cooperation rather than in competition.

We create loving containers for self-healing, self-inquiry, and soul expansion.

We reclaim wisdom and multidimensionality as our birthright.

We are returning to the frequency of being.


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