Spirituality That Honors All That You Are

Our Mission

There’s a version of spirituality crafted by capitalism, decorated in shiny crystals and perpetuated by Instagram influencers. And there’s a version of spirituality that our ancestors practiced that fostered greater understanding to one’s own heart and connection to the earth and stars.

We’re committed to shifting to a new paradigm that rewilds spirituality and brings it back to what it was meant to be about all along – our innate connection with the Divine. Oh and love, lots of love.

House of Enlightenedhood is a reimagined spiritual space to reclaim the ancient wisdom of your heart and honor all that you are. We are home for our soul’s remembering and deepening, in the stage of our journey also known as Enlightenedhood. Our intention is to create macro and micro-community healing spaces that allow each and every soul to feel safe, seen, held, and understood.

We believe community-based organizations are the building blocks of the New Earth and allow us to soften and unbind from big business spirituality that still conditions us to believe the powers, answers, and wisdom exist outside of ourselves. The spirit of our cooperative allows us all to be teachers and students, using wisdom as currency so we can all rise together.

Current Spiritual Paradigm

Rooted in oppressive systems

Preys on soul seekers

Gatekeeps and appropriates wisdom and tools

Clouded by online marketing and capitalism

Toxic individualism

Equates credibility to titles, certificates, and influence

Elevates big business and self-proclaimed gurus

NEW Spiritual Paradigm

Rooted in ancient wisdom

Empowers every soul

Returns wisdom to the proper lineages

Separate from capitalistic values


Values experiences and innate wisdom

Elevates the collective

We Believe...

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    Spirituality is not a commercial industry, nor is it meant to be institutionalized. We seek to distance spirituality from patriarchal, supremacist and capitalist ideologies.
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    We must honor the ancient cultures and lineages of wisdom, teachings and practices in forms that are not diluted, altered or whitewashed to appeal to a Western market. We must return to the wisdom of our hearts.
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    All boats rise together. We are the generation that gets to break the cycle. No separation. No competition. No more big business in our spiritual experience. Our light shines brighter together. We are stronger in loving cooperation rather than in competition.
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    Every soul has a right to their own journey and experiences. We take responsibility for our own choices without seeking to dominate and control others or the dominant narrative.
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    Embodied allyship does not seek to perform.
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    Dimensional hierarchy is part of the illusion. Higher dimensions are not superior to lower dimensions. The Astral Realm is not superior to the Earth plane. The Upper Chakras are not superior to the Lower Chakras. Archangels and Galactic families are not superior to beings in the physical plane.
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    Restfulness is our natural state of being. 
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    We cannot spiritually bypass pain and suffering by blindly focusing on just love and light. We must honor the realities of our world with compassion.
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    We humans are beings that sit AMONG, not above, other beings.
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    We each have a responsibility to heal our wounds as well as the wounds of the Land. We acknowledge the First Nations of these lands. We acknowledge that many of us are settlers that have been disconnected from the Land of our Ancestors.

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