Casting Literal Light Around the Earth

Our Founders’ roots were forged in media and spirituality and midwifed in the fires of their soul evolution was LightCasting Media. 

LightCasting was born with a vision to change the world through the mission of Open Source Spirituality™. Consider it a reimaged relationship between spirituality and media. Our media network takes a bold and innovative approach to integrate the elevation of the collective by channeling the work of our spiritual co-op across multiple audio and visual creative platforms. The result? An accessible and grounded approach to spirituality that leaves no soul behind.


Choose from our library of podcast shows including “I’m Awake! Now What?” and “Spiritual Forecasting.”

Video Series

Enjoy guided meditations and episodic video series including, Spirituali-tea with Leena Lemos.

Poetry + Memoir

We are proud to feature spiritual poetry and storytelling that reflects the rawness of the human experience.

Collective Wisdom

All of our content is co-created by our co-op of like-minded souls on a mission to share wisdom freely.