Become a Light Leader

Co-Creating a New Earth, Together

Light Leaders are just that. Those who fearlessly lead the collective with their bright frequency and we co-create the sacred space that allows us all to shine. At House of Enlightenedhood, the Light Leaders are the heart and the engine of our cooperative. These souls are ready to be of service to a new paradigm of spiritual awareness. Our Light Leaders have united their gifts to serve our community and meet regularly to heal and create magic together.

Plant Your Legacy

Blaze trails and join our global mission to reclaim spirituality in a way that allows us all to heal, learn, and thrive. We invite you to join the spark of a movement that is building the bridge to a new way of being.

Heal Together

There’s nothing more powerful than walking this path with others on the same frequency. Our Light Leaders gather weekly for healing ceremonies and have cultivated a culture of collective wisdom and deep soul connections.

Potent Business Tools

We believe in using technology with intention! Our Light Leaders have access to our SEO marketing tools such as the directory, events listings, and media center, as well as tools to lead containers and publish masterclasses and self-led learning.

Endless Possibilites

We built the house, but the beauty is that there is always an opportunity to renovate. We believe in honoring the frequency of our group while surrendering to the ways this cooperative transforms.

Become a Light Leader

If you feel called to become a Light Leader, we invite you to apply to our container.