I Am Embracing Stillness

Meditation comes in many forms but the common denominator? Moments of stillness. The key is finding what speaks to your soul and what you need in that very moment.

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21 Day Meditation Journey with David Sandercott

Krista Xiomara interviews meditation teacher David Sandercott about his path to reclaiming his spirituality, sobriety and livelihood.

Meditation, Conscious Parenting, and Living with an Open Heart with Kelly Lindsey

Kelly Lindsey discusses her new book, conscious parenting, and living with an open heart.

Mindfulness and Your Ego with James McCrae

James McCrae talks about your ego and mindfulness

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Unconventional Mindfulness and Meditation with Cory Allen

Exploring meditation and mindfulness in the modern age with Cory Allen.

Chakra Series: Throat

Learn how to balance and heal your throat chakra so you can speak your truth unapologetically.

automatic writing

Develop Your Automatic and Intuitive Writing

Use this channeled guided meditation and prayer to connect to a fluid stream of consciousness through writing.

Meditative Poetry Series: Wake Up

Music meets poetry in this enlightening and empowering meditative series.

The Mind and Body Connection

Psychotherapist Chausey Leebron, LMFT shares how the mind and body are lovingly connected.

15 Mantras for Self-Empowerment

Using mantra repetition, we channel in energy, really feeling the way we will feel when our intention manifests itself in our life.

Seriously, Let That Shit Go

Founder of Pure Minds Nina Purewal shares her journey to becoming a mindfulness advocate.

Heal My Story is a spiritual storytelling project. Learn more about it here.

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