I Am Developing My Intuition

Everyone has an intuition or inner guidance system, but do we listen? Not all the time. Tuning into your own widsom takes time, a larger connection to the intelligence of the universe, and a lot of self-trust.

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Mindfulness and Your Ego with James McCrae

James McCrae talks about your ego and mindfulness

Alignment, Intuition and Optimism with Alisha Hawrylysyzn Frank

Alisha shares her life journey, offers important advice about following your intuition, and how to live in alignment with your life.

Developing Your Intuition with Anika Spencer

A roadmap to developing your intuition with Anika Spencer

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The Awakening: Sneak Peek

Listen to the sneak peek of The Awakening Podcast, coming January 2021

Chakra Series: Earth Star, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway

Did you know we have more than 7 Chakras? Learn about the Earth Star, Soul Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras.

Chakra Series: Crown

Learn how to balance and nurture your Crown Chakra to connect with higher consciousness.

Chakra Series: Third Eye

Learn how to balance and open your third eye chakra to develop your intuition.

automatic writing

Develop Your Automatic and Intuitive Writing

Use this channeled guided meditation and prayer to connect to a fluid stream of consciousness through writing.

Spiritual Forecaster Carol B Discusses Unconditional Love and Wholeness

Spiritual Counselor and Teacher Carol B. shares her life’s work and passion for helping people see themselves and others in their wholeness.

Are You a Star Being?

Do you have stardust in your DNA? Here’s your top starseed questions, answered.

Heal My Story is a spiritual storytelling project. Learn more about it here.

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