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Living more intentionally and mindfully helps us ground in the present moment to find the peace among the chaos.

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3 Divine Feminine Aspects to Call Home for Better Living

Donna Owens guides you through 3 important Divine Feminine aspects you can begin to incorporate into your life for better wellbeing.

Mindfulness and Your Ego with James McCrae

James McCrae talks about your ego and mindfulness

Unconventional Mindfulness and Meditation with Cory Allen

Exploring meditation and mindfulness in the modern age with Cory Allen.

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Emotional Alchemy: Transmuting Our Lower-Vibrational Emotions

Energetically transform your heavier emotions to make space for healing and light.

Turning Projections into Reflections and Cultivating Self-Compassion

Krista Xiomara on how to turn your projections into reflection.

The Twin Flames of Contentment and Gratitude

Krista Xiomara on building contentment and gratitude

Admiration versus comparison and stealing your own joy

Krista Xiomara on admiration versus comparison and not stealing your own joy

Are You Playing to Your Strengths?

Krista Xiomara on how to send more love to the things that make you uniquely you in the workplace.

Can You Make Peace with Yourself?

Krista Xiomara on how to end the war within

Complaining as an Act of Suffering

Krista Xiomara examines complaining as an act of suffering

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