New Earth

Guest Post by Ursula Jallow

Image sourced from Adobe Stock

The Central Sun calls and so we all hark,
Knowledge is kindle and we are the spark-
We are the Starseeds and Light-workers from all over the Earth,
And conscious we are of our incredible- irreplaceable worth.

We have incarnated on Gaia as a purifying light,
To experience the integration of positive and plight.
Cherished by our Star family, supporting from above,
Our bodies the vessels, transporting unconditional love.

Meditation, grounding and chakra alignment,
This is our biggest and most valuable assignment,
To assist in the shift of our beautiful earthly home,
Connecting to our Guides and Angels we are never alone.

I know this transitioning, can at times feel very hard,
But focus on keeping your emotions and Aura dearly at guard,
For we are infinite beings with such tremendous power,
Attributes the current system wants to steal and devour.

So be fearless to stand up against the grain of the majority,
And honour your discernment calling out the lies of this –
so called ‘authority’.
“I do not consent” is what we are collectively rising up to say,
Because in our hearts we know this system is not our true way.

A system of deceiving, programming and consent by default,
A reptilian’s sneaky way around free will, with a horrendous result.
But dearly within our souls we hold faith in The Universe,
So no longer will we fall victims of fear mongering and coerce.

Rather we will lift Mother higher with happiness and joy
As we learn to take back our rights and declare an end this decoy.
Manifesting, heart opening and thriving on Earth,
Our beautiful planet filling up with abundance and mirth.

The light has already won, for this I am sure,
It’s just a matter of peeling back the layers to reach our abundant core.
So don’t forget to have compassion for both your healing and your grief,
While we collectively process trauma, and turn over this new leaf.

2020 initiated a generous decade of transforming and growth,
And a solemn promise to care for nature is ingrained in The New Earths oath.
Love yourself, your family, the community, and of course plants and animals too,
And let us all appreciate how wonderful it is- for our opportunity to renew!

Power to the people, and the People have the powers,
Downloads and upgrades the cosmic lovingly showers,
This incredible planet full of beauty and free will,
With those that were brave enough and took the red pill.

Capitalist confinement, soon to be a distant memory on Earth,
Instead we’ll be in higher dimensions, in the wake of an empowering rebirth.
Through inner work, we are collectively creating a consciousness shift,
And this, is without a doubt, our most precious gift.

Love and Compassion; Present, Happy and Free
This is what the 5D New Earth truly means to me 🙂


About Ursula Jallow

Ursula is a 24-year-old Starseed and Spiritual Warrior from Sydney, Australia. She loves being creative and in her spare time, you’ll find her gardening, meditating, doing crochet, writing, collaging, photographing flowers, sewing, and spending as much time as possible in nature🌱

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