Guest Post by Alexa Sergio

Image by ANTHONY TRAN / Unsplash

Sunflowers grow upwards toward the light, tall, beautiful,
stems rigid with growth
I try the same way to grow upwards toward the light but…
I lose hope each step I take a petal falls away. I used to
think this was the way of dying/Depression.
Drowning more & more each passing moment, yet I
realize instead it is a way of growth. The petals fall
behind & beneath me. I droop a little more with age.
Getting riper each step I climb.
So much occurs in a life… all I can do is observe, taking
note of every feeling that arises, every moment a lesson,
a chance, an opportunity for love As yours falls away to
others ~like the petals all around you~ you no longer are
dying, your transforming, becoming more powerful!
Willing to simply feel blessed. Blessed be to all the
creatures. Feel the light Be light Watch the petals fall into
your lap & Embrace the change


About Alexa Sergio

Alexa "Lexi" Sergio grew up & lives in Philadelphia. Through the death of loved ones & other life experiences, Lexi felt fascinated by the mystical/spiritual; wanting to understand as much as possible. Lexi enjoys writing for fun & self-healing most of her work is kept in personal journals but she intends to create musically with her ideas! This is her first publication!

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