Healing Your Pelvic Floor and Living Pain Free: The Free 5-Week Challenge

Guest Post by Lori Reising, BA, CHT, LMT

Image by Darius Bashar / Unsplash

Hello gorgeous! Yes, gorgeous, with every triumph and hardship, every emotional climb and downhill slide. We are moving through this raw human experience in all of its depth together. I’m excited to share my passion, soul purpose, and gifts that brought me here at this time on the planet with you, but first, let me introduce myself.

My name is Lori Reising, also known as The Raw and Wild Hearts. I have been in therapeutic practice for over 2 decades, combining trauma-informed bodywork, pelvic floor therapy, my gifts of claircognizance, hypnotherapy techniques, meditations, childbirth education, and Awakening Your Life Force retreats.

I also have an innovative podcast called, you guessed it, The Raw and Wild Hearts, where we dive into our dark, own our light, and live our lives in the rawest and truest of ways.

From the beginning, I came into the world energetically and spiritually sensitive.  I have maintained a deep knowing of the divinity of humans in connection to our Ancestors, the stars, and Spirit since beyond the womb. Being a child of the Universe, my driving force for humanity has been one of connection and alignment of all. Everything I offer is rooted in shedding societal programming, releasing trauma from our cells, and remembering the divinity within. I truly believe in your magic!

I have created a free Living Pain-free 5-week Challenge to support a holistic and healthy evolution for you into a more active, engaged, aligned, and vibrant lifestyle. Let’s be real, we live in a high-paced, fast food, quick-fix culture when a nurturing culture of prevention is where we thrive. It can be pretty tough to take that first step in shifting diet and lifestyle, creating healthy rituals and habits for the elevation of our spirit, body, and brain.  We can sometimes even get comfortable in the discomfort.  Habits become harder and harder to break. But I’m here to tell you that I believe in you!  I know that you can slowly make some significant changes over the next 5 weeks that will tremendously improve your quality of life. And guess what!  A cascade can occur.

When you drop into alignment within, your environment changes without. My goal for you during these 5 weeks is to support you in decreasing inflammation, increasing alignment, developing healthy habits, releasing those that no longer serve you, and positively affecting your world. When we turn down the noise and turn up the cells and the soul, conscious embodied living not only becomes available, it becomes the norm.  We vibrate to a new drum. We magnetize our dreams.

We come from a heart-centered space in balance and love. We cultivate a community. We prevent dis-ease. We set an example of human health. We ride the tide of ebb and flow.  We adapt and expand.  I hope this is just your start, friend. Give it your all. Put in the work and reap the rewards. Health is our most precious gift and I’m honored to support yours in this Raw and Wild ride here on Earth!

Join the Wild Heart Revolution email list at www.therawandwildhearts.com to get my free E-guide to Living in your Raw and Wild Heart, as well as this special Living Pain-free 5-week Challenge!  Stay tuned for my anticipated Awaken Your Life Force Pelvic Floor Digital Course and twice-monthly moon inspirations, podcast recaps, retreat info and more!


About Lori Reising, BA, CHT, LMT

Lori is a Pelvic Floor Therapist, Podcast Host, Digital Creator, Childbirth Educator, and Soul Care Coach

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