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Guest Post by Stormie Atlantis

Composite image created by Stormie Atlantis

One day, after what seems like lifetimes of stumbling through the dark, you will open your eyes to see the world in a different light. You will see the magic and design in every molecule of the universe. More importantly, you will see the divinity within yourself and come to understand that you have held this power from the beginning. That you came here for this. That every single painful and terrible thing that happened to you was for your highest good. You will see all of your tragedies as blessings. You will weep tears of gratitude for your past sorrows and re-name them as “lessons.” You will stand upright, strong, and tall in your emotions, knowing that they are transmuting generations of cultural distortion. One day you will truly love yourself and shine a light so fucking bright, others will see their own, and then together we will rise.


About Stormie Atlantis

Stormie Atlantis is a content creator who set out on a mission to share her spiritual journey and practices with the world. After overcoming a variety of drug additions, primarily Methamphetamines, and spending 10 years working in photography, videography and marketing she realized the universe had perfectly prepared her to create a platform with which to shine her light and truth onto the collective. Her YouTube channel primarily consists of educational “how-to guides”, moon rituals, and key philosophical principles. While her Instagram has become a place for her to share a wider variety of her creative works like her digital composites- each component symbolic to her own healing journey but can deeply resonate with so many of our own personal processes. Stormie’s emphasis on authenticity is a refreshing approach that not only helps break down the harmful illusion of “perfection” but also opens the door for genuine connection and understanding of humanity’s divinity. Her overall intention is that a resonance with her work can help other people through their personal healing journey.

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