Leena Lemos

As a leading millennial voice in spirituality, Leena Lemos is on a mission to raise the collective consciousness through light, integrity and empowering others to step into their highest self.

When she was six months pregnant, Leena got a divine download. It was one word: Enlightenedhood. While she had no idea what it would become, she knew she had to follow where it would lead. After working for media and communications for over 10 years, Leena left her corporate senior PR job and began collecting spiritual stories from around the world through written and audio interviews.

Leena’s message of “Enlightenedhood” quickly reached over 100 countries in under 6 months. Through these conversations, Leena realized where the business paradigm of spirituality lacks and the key areas of support needed for souls who are just awakening to their truest selves.

After fully immersing herself on her own spiritual path, Leena discovered the tools to heal from bullying, domestic abuse, and an endless list of physical and mental inflammatory health issues that came from pregnancy. Her first book, Dear Luna Wilde… documents the journey through pregnancy, motherhood, and the awakening and healing that happened along the way.

Leena is committed to helping others reactivate their forgotten wisdom and self-healing capabilities through the mission of House of Enlightenedhood and the content created at LightCasting Media. She is an advocate for the self-healing of Millennial parents and how spirituality plays a role in raising the next generation.

Leena is an author, speaker, TV host, and podcaster who lives in Northern NJ. You can find her gardening, hanging out with her neighborhood birds, or eating burritos with her daughter, husband and polka-dotted pup.