A New Kind of Spiritual Community

It's like Spiritual Facebook, but so much better.

Our global platform is one part social media one part university of the universe. We’ve got all the social media features you need to find your soul family, without the censorship, noise, filters, or algorithms. Our community exists virtually and in-person, led by our Light Cooperative, and completely FREE to anyone looking for community and spiritual wisdom.

Find Your People

Create your profile, follow other members, and connect through direct messaging.

Grow Your Local Circle

Our platform automatically alerts you to members who live nearby.

Ever-Growing Resource Library

Learn from articles, masterclasses, workshops, videos, and more.


Attend Light Cooperative-hosted circles, retreats, workshops, live chats, panels, and more.

Sacred Spaces

Join sacred spaces and open your heart to souls on the same frequency.

Mobile Friendly

Download the app and always have your soul family near by.

Our Community Agreement

Our community is led by a cooperative of Light Workers that prioritize the safety of all members. These are the agreements that we have chosen to follow:

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    We operate from a trauma-informed, intersectional space. We make no assumptions or generalizations that what is true for one person is true for another.
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    We are not here to fix, but to hold gentle, kind, and compassionate space for one another.
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    We honor pronouns.
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    We do not judge each other for our choices. We honor every human’s right to choose for themselves.
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    We honor the responsibility we each have to ourselves for our own healing.
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    Hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated.
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    We offer quiet sanctuary to one another to share our hearts openly and vulnerably.
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    We honor the sacred spiritual lineages of our healing practices and are committed to deepening our connection to these practices through a decolonized lens.

Are You a Keeper of the New Earth?

If you are looking for a more involved role with the vision of House of Enlightenedhood, The Light Cooperative may be calling you. We are a container of souls who choose to vulnerably walk this path together to share gifts and wisdom, and as a result, open a portal to a new paradigm of spirituality. Not only do we heal together, but we rise together in unconditional support of each other’s legacy of love and purpose in the New Earth.

Learn more about our Light Cooperative here.


What is the Platform Hosted On?

Our platform is hosted on the Mighty Networks platform and can be accessed at through a desktop computer or an iOS/Andriod mobile app.

What Can I Expect Within The Platform?

Think of our platform as if Facebook, Udemy, a spiritual community center, and your favorite witchy book store all had a baby. Inside you will find a social platform with an ever-growing library of spiritual resources, articles, events, Sacred Spaces (micro-communities, groups, and mystery schools), and workshops. Connect with other members, follow topics and conversations such as astrology, plant medicine, and star beings, and attend our healing + educational gatherings.

How Much Does It Cost?

Access to our global spiritual village and archive of wisdom is FREE! Within the platform, you also have the options to choose from additional paid events, classes, and sacred spaces.

What Features Does the Platform Have?

Within our platform you can: Follow and direct message other members, customize your profile and bio, find members who live near you, customize your feed based on your interests by following specific content topics, join groups, attend events, access on-demand learning and resources, post questions, pictures, videos, etc.

Members of The Light Cooperative also have features to: Post articles, workshops and masterclasses, create Sacred Spaces, and host and list events

How Do I Become Part of the Light Cooperative?

At this time, our Light Coopeartive positions are by application only. Learn more about our leaders and how to apply here.

What I Decide This Isn't Right For Me?

Our platform allows for full control over your membership. Whether you are accessing the platform as a user for free, or a Light Leader paying membership dues, you can cancel your account and leave our gathering space at anytime.