We Rise Together.

What is a spiritual co-op? We hear your highest-self asking…

Imagine it as your spiritual chamber of commerce. It is a living and breathing global community and an ever-expanding educational archive where shared wisdom, teachings, and individual expertise thrives without the oppressive and predatory nature of traditional spiritual business practices.

Our Co-op is made up of healers, coaches, product-based business owners, podcasters, writers, and content creators and we believe everyone’s voice and perspective is necessary to lead the collective and shift the human consciousness into an era that is more heart-centered, altruistic, and self-aware.

Based on the foundation of Open Source Spirituality™, we are reimaging, supporting, and healing the collective. Our vision involves the collective working together in unison with one another because we believe this model gives us the space to return to our innate divinity and create a global movement that changes our world as we know it.

We are a rising tide. All hands-on deck.

🜁 The Creators

Empowering the collective through podcasting, video, or written content.

🜄 The Healers

Healing the collective through education, coaching, and spiritual gifts.

🜃 The Artisans

Enriching the collective through originally created goods and products.

🜂 The Architects

Building a New Earth through innovation. social change, compassion, and integrity.

Copy of Community Classes

Join the Co-Op

Help us build a global movement from the ground up.

A Platform For Your Wisdom

We provide you a platform to speak your truth, share wisdom, engage with potential clients as a Moderator in our global spiritual community. 

Expand Your Impact

Gain access to our multi-media channel exposure, engaged community, and synergistic networking for your professional growth and impact of your purpose.

Plant Your Legacy

Create a legacy plan for your body of work that ensures your wisdom, experiences, and expertise live on in our ever-growing spiritual archive.

Change the World

Be part of a groundbreaking paradigm shift that brings integrity, compassion, and equality back to the spiritual space and will change the world by focusing on collective wisdom.